Collaborative Research Projects and Symposia

Collaborative Research Projects in Language and Culture

Language and culture are constantly evolving, and so systematic coordination of research in the field is essential. Two effective ways to stimulate creative research are collaboration between faculty and graduate students, and intravarsity and intercollegiate collaboration. To facilitate our endeavors in these areas, a series of Collaborative Research Projects in Language and Culture was launched in 2000. Faculty members freely form groups with graduate students and conduct joint interdisciplinary research yielding fresh insights. The fruits of joint research by more than ten groups are published annually. The project groups are comprised of members from three Departments of the Graduate School of Language and Culture and some collaborators from other schools on campus and at other universities. Our efforts of collaborative research so rich in variety of talents will facilitate the progress of our continuing evolution.

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Osaka University the 21th Century COE Programme: Interface Humanities

International Symposia and Workshops

・Linguisticulture: Where Do We Go From Here? (July 1996)

International Workshop on Cognitive Grammar and Usage-Based Linguistics  

   (June 18-19, 2016)

Osaka Workshop on Corpora and Language Analytics : the state of the art and future

   perspectives  (August 6, 2016)


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