Subject Synopses (Master Course)

Common Courses

Introduction to Research Practice

In this class, students will establish a firm foundation in research practice, with a focus on academic ethics, survey methodology, and writing and presentation skills, especially in connection with the master’s thesis.
*Note: This is a required class. It is held on Monday, fifth period, in the spring term of the first year of the master’s course.

Seminar in Academic Presentation

This class is designed to develop skills in presenting logical, organized presentations. Instruction will be geared toward concrete methods of writing and presenting the master’s thesis, including rehearsal of the midterm thesis presentation.
*Note: This is a required class. It is held on Monday, fifth period, in the summer term of the second year of the master’s course.

Special Language Class

This special language class is open to students in all Studies in Language and Culture programs. Students will receive training in a language other than their first language, enabling them to use the target language for advanced academic research, including surveys, overseas training, academic writing, and conference presentations. Classes will be taught by native speakers of the target language, with a focus on reading, academic writing, and presentation skills.

1. Interdisciplinary Cultural Formations

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

Gender Studies

Globalization Studies

Symbiosis Studies in Language and Culture

Formation Studies in Language and Culture

2. Culture and Representation

Studies of Culture and Representation

Comparative Studies in Language and Culture

Translation Studies

3. Sociolinguistic and Communication Sciences

Communication in Culture and Society


Studies in Language Skills


4. Second Language Education

Applied Linguistics

Research Methodology in Second Language Studies

Second Language Pedagogy

Pedagogical Practice in Second Language Teaching

Sociocultural Approaches to Second Language Studies

5. Theoretical Linguistics and Digital Humanities

Theoretical Linguistics


Historical Linguistic Research

Statistics for Language Studies

Digital Humanities

6. Language and Cognitive Sciences

Language and Cognitive Science

Cognitive Linguistics

Cognitive Semantics

Studies in Cognitive Rhetoric


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