Longterm Purposeful Activity Is A Journey

Note: tried to limit the examples in this file to ones that clearlyinvolve the specific target domain: journey, not the moregeneral one: motion. Examples of Purposeful Action as Motioncan be found in the file: Action For a lot of the examples in this file, the target domain involves the effects that events have on you asyou engage in purposeful activities. Thus this is clearly aspecial case of causation. Engaging in a longterm action involves change of state, apurpose, and external events affecting you. The changing that one undergoes as one engages in the activity is understood as motion from one location to another. The changing that one undergoes as externalevents affect one, is understood as control over ones locationexercised by an outside force. Thus, external events are seen as things (or a fluid) in motion, with direction and speed and with a force that can affect one's journey. We will see below that this metaphor is conventionalized with regard to three special cases of longterm purposeful activities:Life, Career, and Love relationships. (LIFE IS A JOURNEY, A CAREER IS A JOURNEY, and LOVE IS A JOURNEY)

The Person Leading A Life Is A Traveler

- 1 As we travel down life's path. . .

- 2 I don't know where I'm headed, but I'm enjoying getting there.

- 3 He just sails through life.

Life States Are Locations

- 1 He saw teaching as just a stopover on his way to bigger things.

Longterm Purposes Are Journey Destinations

- 1 He's headed for great things.

- 2 My goal lies at the end of my life's journey.

The Means For Achieving Purposes Are Routes

- 1 If this doesn't work, I'll just try a different route.

- 2 It's an arduous path, but he'll make it.

- 3 She'll cross that bridge when she comes to it.

Difficulties Are Impediments To Travel

- 1 He's lost his way.

- 2 He has a rocky road ahead of him.

Counselors Are Guides

- 1 His mother gave him guidance.

- 2 The wise woman showed him the way.

- 3 My high school employed a full-time 'guidance' counselor.

Progress Is The Distance Travelled

- 1 We've come a long way.

Things You Gauge Your Progress By Are Landmarks

- 1 Getting her PhD was a big landmark in her life.

Major Choices Are Crossroads

- 1 She's at a crossroads in her life.

Material Resources And Talents Are Provisions

- 1 She has a lot of what it takes to get her where she wants to go.

Stages Of Life Are Routes You Have To Travel On

- 1 He's just reaching the end of his starving artist stage.

- 1 We've hit a crossroads in this relationship.


- 1 He's hit a crossroads in his career.

- 1 He's half-way up the corporate ladder.

- 2 Be nice to the people you meet on the way up,they're the same people you'll see on the way down.

Note: person in motion see the file: ExternalEvents.

(for entire file) Sharon Fischler, Karin Myhre, George Lakoff, Adele Goldberg, Jane Espenson

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