Ideas Are Food

Source Domain

Target Domain

- 1 That class gave me food for thought.

- 2 She gave us some brain food.

Thinking Is Preparing Food

- 1 His idea was half-baked.

- 2 I'm tired of warmed-over theories.

- 1 Let me chew on that for a while.

- 2 I've been ruminating on that topic for a while.

Understanding Is Digestion

- 1 It'll take some time to digest that information.

Believing Is Swallowing

- 1 They swallowed whatever garbage he gave them.

Communication Is Feeding

- 1 The teacher spoon-fed them the information.

- 2 He insisted on sugar-coating his warnings.

- 3 We have a live satellite feed from London.

Remembering Is Regurgitating

- 1 We have to regurgitate everything we learned on the final.

- 2 Can you spit back what I told you?it is in form similar to that in which it was ingestedin the same form they were memorized

Learning Is Eating

- 1 They ate the lesson up.

- 2 They gobbled up the ideas.


- 1 He has an appetite for learning.

- 2 She has an insatiable curiosity.

- 1 School nourishes your mind.

- 1 That's a very meaty book.

- 2 She devoured every article about China she could find.

Note: communication: reading.

Note: Since we understand the mind as a body,and we understand that a major way of getting things intoour bodies is by eating, it is natural that we understand learningas eating.Also we know that nourishment is necessary for our well-being, and sowhen learning is understood to be necessary to our well-being,it is natural that we talk in terms of nourishment for the mind.

Sara Armstrong (186, '86), Alan Schwartz

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