The Politics of Linguistics



Language and Postmodern Thoughts

1 Introduction

[Topis, authors, tentative list of readings]

2 Linguistics and semiotics. Saussure, Hielmslev, and Whorf: Course, Prolegomena, Problems of General Linguistics (Murakami).

3 Psychoanalysis. Freud and Lacan: Ecrits (Murakami).

4 Deconstruction: Derria: "(To be annouced)." (Wright).

5 Philosophy (of language). Wittgenstein and Rorty: Tractatus logico-philosophicus, Contingency, irony, and solidarity (Murakami).

6 Genealogy. Foucault: "(To be announced)."

Foucault/Harbamas debate (Wright).

7 Author-Text-Reader issues. Fish: Is There a Text in This Class?

Bakhtin: Dostoievskii's Poetics (Murakami).

8 History and narratology. Haydn and Genette: "(To be announced)." (Wright).

9 Transformation grammar. Chomsky: "(To be announced)." (-).

10-14 Chomsky-Foucault debate

15 General discussion

(Term end party)