January-February 2002

    Tower of Babel


  • "Gearing Up for Europe via Student Mobility and the Internationalization of Study" Language in Europe

  • "Global English and Language Rights" Globalization and Diversity

  • "Pronunciation for International Intelligibility" The Demise of Native-Speaker Accents

  • "Is Europe on the Way to a Lingua Franca?"

  • "English as a Lingua Franca in the Brazilian Academic World"

  • "English as a Global Language: The Case of the Eurpoean Union"

  • "Towards International English in EFL Classrooms in Japan"

  • "Lingua Franca English: Non-Native to Non-Native Speaker Discourse"

  • "English Spoken Here" English as the Universal Language of Science

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    February-March 2002: ENGLISH AS A WORLD LANGUAGE

    World Englishes 2000 (Literary Studies: East and West, Vol. 14, 1997)

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